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FieldOne Sky Capabilities

FieldOne Sky enables companies to deliver world class customer experiences in the field while maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs

Whitepaper  How does your medical device manufacturing service organization measure up? Find out now  <http://www.fieldone.com/field-service-in-medical-device-manufacturing-white-paper>

Join us at Field Service Europe!

November - December 2016
Amsterdam Netherlands

Worldwide, FieldOne's enterprise clients are improving productivity and decreasing cost.

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See how one medical technology company improved workforce efficiency with FieldOne Sky.


Don’t leave your customers asking…Will you deliver?

Customers want, need and expect great service.  If they don’t get it from you, they will go elsewhere. 

Field Resource

Current location

Job Urgency

Team Makeup

Customer Availability

Parts on hand

Minimize Travel

Estimated job duration

Multi-day routing

Start/ End Location

Lunch hours

Schedule Status

Promised date & time window

Maximize utilization

Previous visit to job site

Vacation time

Field Resource Certifications


Every job assignment decision must consider all these factors to make sure you get...

the Right Person with the Right Resources at the Right Time…Every Time!

Service & Ops Manager


IT Professionals

Field Agents & Mobile Resources

Microsoft Dynamics Users

Chief Marketing Officer

Show customers what you do!

NAVCO, a national security integrator uses FieldOne for a portal that shows their customers real time data on current and completed service calls, hotlinks to invoicing and other information customers really want to see.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Field Service
  • State-of-the-art routing and scheduling
  • Advanced work process automation
  • Robust reporting and business intelligence
  • Flexible customer and partner communications capabilities
  • Solution that manages multiple volumes of assignments
  • Improves visibility between dispatch and mobile resources
  • Facilitates the optimal allocation to varying jobs in disparate locations

Residential Services



Medical & Diagnostic

Safety & Security


One Change for All!

Imagine a management console where you make a single set of changes and the system pushes it out automatically into each native platform, including Android, IOS and Windows according to its specific user interface paradigms!  

Save Time and Costs!

This functionality  keeps costs down, with time-to-deployment kept to an absolute minimum. Each version maintains the dimensions, UI and device features, but can be enhanced and adjusted in a single action.  

To keep your customers delighted!

  • Quickly react and adapt to changing schedules, demand changes & emergencies
  • Increase first time fix rates
  • Increase on time attainability
  • Provide a tailored experience for each customer
  • Provide offers they want and value